I spend time on:

  • raising a fabulous free-range kid
  • working part-time in the digital realm of a great gallery
  • building a deck on the back of my house, with timber that is beautiful, old and a bugger to work with
  • seeing how far I can get in the online web development course at FreeCodeCamp (I’m up to lesson 134 of ???) so that I can be more independent in…
  • creating a game of likeness called Sembl

That last one is big and it feels important because although humans have a natural ability to instantly make connections – to find patterns in complexity – in the West we tend to favour individualism and reductive linear logic. We have gained a lot from that emphasis (thank you, science) but we have also lost a lot (ahoy, climate catastrophe) so it’s high time to honour and strengthen our faculty for pattern-recognition.

Sembl prompts players to shift focus, away from isolated things and toward how things relate – which is the foundation for understanding dynamic systems. By urging players to freely associate and make unlikely connections it augments perception and prompts empathy. In short and in full, I believe it cultivates wholeness.

In tangible terms, I’m looking for collaborators to help build and test a new form of Sembl for solo casual play. It’s a project of many small and clearly-defined tasks, and more minds and bodies to undertake them would be most welcome – so if you might be inclined to commit energy of any kind to such, please be in touch!

In December 2015 I attended an extraordinary conference on purpose-driven business, which is still inspiring me to think about values, motivations and framing.

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Image: Astronomical clock face by Godot13