About this site

On authority, beauty, humanity, ingenuity, people-power, picturing, and wonder

Hello! I have been writing here, irregularly, since 2005. I always tagged the posts, but it took me years to categorise – to bed down the about-ness. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a complex relationship with authority, so it’s no surprise that that pops up regularly. I have a passion for empowering people; a deep appreciation of nice design, patterns of nature, and cleverness, both in theory and practice. And I have a kind of faith in humanity and the universe – that everything will all be alright. I am easily moved and often full of wonder. I ask a lot of questions, which is probably where my issues with authority began.

So what I do here is make my experience of those things manifest. An alternative title would be Making Do – because I prefer to use materials at hand than to procure something new for my purpose. I kind of prefer that, actually, only I reckon it would be taken as a diminution of the product rather than a celebration of the process…

The banner image is of a tiger moth in the family Arctiidae. (Thanks to Daniel Marlos for that information.) People who live where I took the photo said it’s native to that small part of Turkey (south of Fethiye) and one Mediterranean island.

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