Material manifestations

I need to add loads of pictures here – been too busy making things in the garden to share:

  • drystone rainwater tank stand
  • corrugated iron worm farm
  • rainbow serpent drystone retaining wall with built-in seating
  • railway sleeper feature-wall
  • bamboo gate
  • chookhouse with a spiral staircase, made from an upturned trampoline frame

wallhanging made of wood, stone, feathers, wire, bicycle cluster, banksiaWallhanging of found things
(c. 1991)

Old bicycle parts, wire, thread, feathers, stone, driftwood, wood from Fraser Island when it was still being logged, banksia, glass, beads.

I still like it.

garden feature – drystone retaining walls, one in the shape of a spiralStone spiral garden feature

The front yard of my house remains a work-in-progress. In 2002, there was a big, weepy, sappy tree here. When we dug out the stump, we kept digging, making a flat circle and using all the earth to create a mound along the top. I had a lot of help with the digging, and I can claim very little credit for the drystone walling. (Thank you, Yogamanas.) But it looks a lot like how I imagined and drew it.

There’s a pond to the right of the frame. On the rare occasions we get a lot of rain, the overflow drains round to the left and then out a tunnel round the side of the house. Nifty.

In the next phase, we’ll add a cubic structure of wooden posts and beams to enclose the space a bit.

watercolour drawing of a sri yantraSri yantra

I’m fascinated by the visual mantras of yoga and like to draw and look at them. The sri yantra has five downward-pointing triangles and four upward-pointing triangles, and represents a cosmos integrated by the union of male and female principles.

Watercolour pencil drawing of a pattern in red, blue and brownPattern in red, blue and brown

Watercolour pencil drawing, exploring how a pattern can evolve from one side of the page to the other.

It turned into a birthday card for my friend Michelle, who graciously took this mobile phone picture of it.

pencil drawing of the bull Nandi, companion of ShivaNandi, bull companion of Shiva

Pencil drawing of a lovely sculpture now at the National Gallery of Australia.

A recipe for relaxation

Cover for a Yoga Nidra CD – I wrote the copy and prepared the design for print.

Shakti yantra

I saw this yantra in a book and figured if I put my mind to it, I could code it in Processing. Et voilà! It’s even scaleable, so you can make it tiny or huge just by changing the width and height. Shareable code is here.

gift tag with Christmas tree design in green and purpleChristmas gift tag

For Christmas, I was keen to code a design but also wanted the tags to have a homey feel. Since our printer is black-and-white, home-iness was added by hand-colouring. So for these gift tags, I sketched in Processing, printed out six-to-a-page, cut to shape and hand-coloured.

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