Memorable moments of the MA conference

So… Museums Australia conference 2007 has happened. For me, the bloodrush of the session-to-session dash was a welcome relief after sitting still for an hour and a half, so I enjoyed the multi-venue approach. And how good was it having an umbrella in your conference pack?

I also got a lot out of the presentations, and hereby present my list of memorable moments. (I’m leaving out the part where we learned about the reproductive cycle of giant squid, although I’m happy to share that too, on request.) I’d call this a list of favourite quotations except they’re mostly paraphrasings.

  1. There is no longer any excuse for failing to consult with Indigenous people about museum practices Jackie Huggins, historian/author from the Bidjara and Birri-Gubba Juru peoples
  2. The Faith Bandler–Pearl Gibbs alliance is a critical part of Australian political history Professor Marilyn Lake, historian at La Trobe University
  3. Museums should develop a sabbatical approach to research David Pemberton, CuratorZoologist at Tasmanian Museum & Gallery
  4. Zoos are worryingly bereft of intellectual curiosity David Hancocks, consultant/author
  5. You can demand plain English where you can’t demand good writing Jennifer Blunden, consultant

Feel free to add your own items to this list.

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