One mob

Lately, if you’re in or near Nimbin, you’ll see this sticker a lot.

ONE MOB sticker on a car – the text is around an Aboriginal flag superimposed onto a map of Australia

It is a vision of Michael Bayles:

One Mob is a living concept.
It is a way of life that people have lived with in this country,
since the beginning of time.

It is about sharing, caring, honour, integrity, principles and pride.

To make people feel good about who they are,
and the place they come from.

We have called this place home for millions of years,
Now you call this place home.

You have to honour and look after it,
like the first people who called it home,
so it will last another million years.

Through your actions today, you will be an honourable Ancestor
to the children of the future.

You can get a sticker in person from the community-run Nimbin Museum. It’s worth a visit. But don’t worry if you can’t get to Nimbin, you don’t really need the sticker. This vision is livable.

11 thoughts on “One mob

  1. hey there, was wondering if you could possibly send me more info on the one mob movement? i am currently studying indigenous culture and think it would be awsome to share with my class more details of what the one mob is about and what you guys are currently doing, cheers

    • Well if you read this
      I have been bullied by the visionarv
      and he his trying to take my property from me
      I stay with jaru and kija mob
      my people are riley mob

  2. Emily, I’ve got contact details for Michael Bayles… somewhere on this desk in front of me. When I find them, I’ll pass them on. I know there’s a website in the pipeline, but I don’t know where it’s at. [edited to add: found it. Emailed it. You can send mail to PO Box 641 Nimbin NSW 2480 Australia, or ph +61 415 689 884.

  3. One Mob is much bigger than Michael Bayles.
    It breaks all barriers of sex, colour and religion,
    It is a living human concept, from his old people.
    Birri Gubba from his grandfathers mob,
    Kungalu from his grandmothers people.
    It is something that we are brought up with from when we are little.
    Don’t hit, don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t be greedy and respect your elders.
    It is a very Family, human thing to want to share and care.
    My brother says we are all Indigenous to somewhere.

  4. Thanks Cath for putting together this blog,
    And letting Emily know my details.
    Sorry it took us so long to find it.
    We’ll update some One Mob images and info soon.
    Hope to catch up

  5. Hey, well, thanks for the vision. In a country where the dominant culture is so greed-feeding, we need this concept very much.

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